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Viscose Rug Cleaning

Viscose rug is made up of human-made fiber extracted from wood pulp. It is a chemical processed cellulose and earned the term "artificial silk."

Viscose fiber is fragile, so viscose rug is most challenging to clean.

We strongly advise that a professional cleaner should be hired. We have experienced technicians who have successfully delivered services across Aventura, FL.

Oriental Rugs & Area Rug Cleaning Service

Taking Care of Your Viscose Rug

Viscose rugs are more prone to damages; one could experience color bleed if extra precautions are not taken. At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Aventura, we have skilled technicians who understand that it is very little resilient, so we meticulously undertake the restoration process of rugs.

As a local service provider, we could deliver onsite services or also do pick up, clean it at our shop, and deliver it back to you when it is ready, leaving an overall pleasant experience for you.

Stains and Odor Removal Service

It is a known fact that no matter how hard you try to protect rugs, you can not completely avoid stains or odor. Every Pet owner knows well that pet accidents happen. Coffee, wine, beer spills are common, and so is pet urine or vomit. These stains, when dried, become the holding ground for bacteria and the source of pungent smells.

These stains, over time, weakens the fiber of the rug reducing the life of the rug.

Viscose Rug Pofessional Cleaning Service

Viscose Rug Cleaning Process

The traditional rug cleaning methods are not suitable for viscose rugs and can also damage or fade the rug. At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Aventura, we have expert technicians who use equipment and machines for careful deep cleaning.

Our technicians very well know that viscose rugs should not be exposed to water; instead, we use acetic or citrus for cleaning and sanitation.

Steam cleaning technology is used to extract dust, pollens, and older stains.

We make sure that the rug dries quickly to avoid any damage due to moisture or mold growth in the rug or even the entire room. The treated area of the rug is then brushed gently with soft bristles, making it look like new.

Why do You Need Professional Viscose Rug Cleaning Service?

Traditional rug cleaning methods do not apply in cleaning viscose rugs. Moreover, these methods and material could seriously damage the color.

Methods like vacuum cleaning are also not advised, so professional cleaning is highly recommended for the sanitation of your viscose rug.

You may contact Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Aventura for questions about viscose rug cleaning or cleaning for any other rugs.

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