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1. What is the best carpet cleaning method?

Currently, we have invested in two main carpet cleaning methods:

  1. Deep carpet cleaning.
  2. Steam carpet cleaning.

The two carpet cleaning methods are effective but have a slight difference. The deep carpet cleaning method is used to clean very dirty carpets that possibly have liquid spills. It began being used long before steam cleaning method. In deep carpet cleaning, various chemicals are used. In short, deep carpet cleaning is used to remove dirt that the vacuum cleaner could not remove.

Carpet steam cleaning, on the other hand, is today being recommended by many carpet manufacturers as it removes tough stains by cleaning deep into the carpet and on the surface without the use of chemicals meaning that you can maintain the condition of the carpet.

In conclusion, both methods are suitable, but carpet steam cleaning is more recommended.

2. Are your chemicals safe?

We are a certified professional carpet cleaning service in Aventura that upholds the safety of our customers. Our carpet cleaning service is eco-friendly. We use green cleaning techniques which involves green products that are certified.

3. How soon can I walk on the carpet after cleaning?

To avoid the carpet from developing an odor or becoming dirty after cleaning, you should make sure it is completely dry before use. Since both caret steam cleaning and deep carpet cleaning methods leave moisture on the carpet, as a reliable carpet cleaning Aventura service, we make sure the carpet is dry before it is used again.

The speed at which the carpet dries is reliant on the age of the carpet, type of the carpet and the general conditions of your house. When the weather is hot, the carpet can take around 4-6 hours to dry. In unfavorable conditions, the carpet may take longer. We also offer forced drying services.

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Cleaning services by our technicians

1. Do I need to move all the furniture by myself?

Yes. We only move light furniture. However, it is up to our technician's judgment to decide whether to even move the light furniture. This is because of the fragile nature of some furniture.

2. Do you provide oriental & Persian rug cleaning?

Yes, we do. Oriental & Persian rug cleaning Aventura is our specialty. We have invested in equipment used for oriental rug cleaning and those for Persian rug cleaning. When you call us, we will determine the cost for each type of rug cleaning may it be oriental or Persian.As the best rug cleaning service in Aventura, we got you covered with any kind of rug cleaning service.

3. I am allergic to the synthetic cleaning products, what impact will they have on me?

We care about the health of our customers. We, therefore, ask you various questions before we begin any task. As a professional carpet cleaning service, we have relied on various methods and products meaning that we do not have to use synthetic products.

We use green products that will not have any effect on your family or pets. For sensitive services such as upholstery cleaning service Aventura, we give the necessary precautions since it is not like rug cleaning Aventura where we can offer pickup rug service and reduce the effects of the products used.

4. How do I keep my carpets clean?

Clean carpets are beautiful and provide a healthy environment. To keep the carpet clean, you should accommodate various routine practices in your home, e.g.:

  1. Regular vacuum cleaning.
  2. Ditching shoes off the carpet etc.

You can also try replacing filters and bags regularly, adding carpet protection and dealing with stains right away before they become stubborn to deal with. Always have your carpets cleaned at least thrice a year.

5. Do you also provide free estimates for upholstery cleaning service?

Yes. In fact, free estimates are applicable for all services including; rug cleaning service, carpet cleaning service, and upholstery cleaning Aventura FL.

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