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Did you know that cleaning your carpet on a regular basis not only keeps your carpet clean, it also helps prevent certain airborne diseases? Yes, carpet cleaning is very important. Dirt, dust, and sand particles hide in the deepest fibers of your carpet and skipping cleaning your carpet can lead to or exacerbate certain respiratory problems, such as allergies and asthma.

A poorly cleaned carpet will have a shorter life span than a carpet that is regularly cleaned. This is because pathogens, like allergens, dust, and dander, wear away your carpet at the fiber level. This in turn causes the carpet to lose its durability as well as its color.

Carpet Deep Steam Cleaning Service

Why Should You Professionally Clean Your Carpet?

Most people would prefer to clean their carpets on their own, but, as most things in life, a professional cleaning will always be more effective. This is not due to a lack of your abilities, but rather to the equipment supply a professional has which has the capacity to address many cleaning issues, such as steam cleaning, stain removal, allergen removal, sanitation, and deodorization.

Our cleaning technicians are able to identify the type and make of your carpet on the spot, however for more information on these matters or to receive a price estimate, please contact Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Aventura today.

Carpet Deep Steam Cleaning Service

Professional Cleaning Components

  • A commercial grade steam cleaning employs the use of steam to remove dirt and stubborn stains on carpets.
  • Vacuum Cleaning uses powerful vacuum cleaners to remove loosened grime.
  • Professional dry cleaning uses no moisture. It involves the use of pre-treatment products followed by powerful vacuuming.

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