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Antique rug cleaning

We offer the best deep cleaning for your antique rugs in Aventura, Florida. Our service is a specialized cleaning treatment for your prized oriental rug. Each piece is handled individually with the utmost care. If you need stains, spots or even odors removed from your carpet, we are the best guys for this job.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 3 Rooms $89 | 4 Rooms $109

Professional care only

With us, you get the most professional antique rug cleaning service in Aventura. We understand that your carpet is precious and that is why we treat it like our own.

Old stains and fresh stains such as urine, blood, coffee, vomit, wine, beer are not just unpleasant but can also be damaging. Over time these stains will cause irreversible damage to your carpet. A lack of cleaning can cause rot to set in and will cause a bad smell. If rot appears it can devastate your prized rug.

Best technique

We treat every rug with our professional cleansing process. First we perform an inspection so we can give it a bespoke clean. Second we blow compressor air to remove debris. We then do a dye bleed test to ensure all the colors will not bleed during the washing and drying process. The rug is then washed with a sanitizing deep clean, then rinsed thoroughly. Drying is then delicately performed with care and the carpet is then groomed so it looks in peak condition. Finally, our technicians will perform an inspection so we are sure that the carpet is ready with 100% satisfaction.

We never spoil rugs

It's crucial that your antique carpet gets the TLC treatment its manufacturer would approve of. Improper cleaning can ruin your rug. We are professionals and we take antique carpet cleaning seriously. We have the right equipment, chemicals and most importantly the knowledge of how to restore your rug the right way.

Give your antique rug some TLC, get in touch today!

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How does it work?
How Does It Work?
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